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Mea Culpa: Lessons learnt from a blogging break

As a social media practitioner and a communications person, I often find myself advising people to stay connected and contribute to the broader blogosphere and the micro blog community in which they exist. Which indicates, that one must keep publishing fresh work, filled with insight, opinions, views, and just about everything under the sun at regular time periods.

The advantage is not only that you retain your reader’s interest but also, search engines love updated content and crawl your property often.

By default and not design, if you noticed, the last post I have written on this blog is Feb 1 2009!!
It’s just a matter of hectic scheduling and work-life priorities which kept me from crushing plastic with flesh.

Also, I did not wish to give in and add to the “lazysphere” by merely adding commentary to the current happenings and trending topics. Don’t get me wrong am not as dead against it as Steve Rubel, but I see his point of view. Especially when I am forced to drudge through mediocrity to get to a great piece of work. But, then who doesn’t!! And if you look closer, 50% of content (may be higher) is merely a re-hash of other people’s stuff.

So here are a few lessons I learnt by not blogging for a month from a social media practioner’s point of view:

1) Feeling of disconnect – I suddenly feel disconnected from the while blogging expereince. Obsessive bloggers claim to have withdrawal like symtoms akin to withdrawal symtoms felt by an addict while discontinuing drug usage. In the first 10 minutes I found it difficult to reconnect with my blogging roots. I realize it’s taking me a lot longer to compose this post.

2) Feeling od detachment – This may be a good thing now, that I suddenly feel detached from my blog. Something which I was vehemently posseeive about a while earlier. Well…it’s all coming back now!!

3) Embassement – Now this one is obvious. Do I need explain more??

4) Writing – Not that I consider my work here, a Shakesperean effort, but I do miss the writing and articulation of ideas as they float through my head.

5) Referencing towards better understanding – I know this one’s sounds a little complicated, but it’s quite simple really. I link and reference content which I have gone through and taken the time to understand. By not blogging, I an just skimming the surface of data that comes my way and leave it in the “later box” for a revisit

6) ‘Link Love’ and Comments – Not much link love or comments here yet, but yeah we do write for an audience don’t we…

P.S. The term blogging break returns about 7,420,000 results on Google

Update 1: March 09 2009 18:10 – Just came across a re blog tool by Zemanta. Where you can jusy Talk about Aiding and abating the laziness. 😛 We have moved to a slothosphere with this!!!

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