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‘Global Citizen Concert.. Who?

Let’s get past the obvious. The Global Citizen concert was littered with a-listers like Chris Martin from Coldplay, Jay-Z and Demi Lavato.

I found it very amusing that there were hoardings that said that this was about ending extreme poverty.

There is a back story to this. PM Narendra Modi attended one of these one year back and used a Star Wars quote, ‘Let the force be with you.’ Wolverine was looking over him. (Power move!)

Am sure not many went through the pre-interviews that the CEO, Hugh Evans, Global Citizen went through on how the PM invited him to make a change. (watch here). He actually said that “they come for Beyonce and they stay because they become global citizens,”

I am really not sure how the people who attended the concert and why do they care about exterme poverty?

A PM who is demonised for his policy decision to demonetize Indian currency. A controversial media environment.

I promise you, most people who attended the concert were there for Coldplay and it was awesome!

Greatest moment of their lives?! What happened to exterme poverty? who carries that forward?

Am really not sure how all those hoardings, media campaigns which paid for the concert ever got through an electorate that stands in line for a Rs. 100 note.

This was about Coldplay. We all liked it.

No one cares about the anti-India disgraceĀ flag-in-the -pocket issue.

We got a great show! Extreme poverty? Who cares, right?

What’s the plan? Were they pushing for any policy change? How can we end poverty in this country? If you attended this and were there for a great time, no skin off my back. I hope you loved it.
How do we fight extreme poverty? Anyone?

The irony is that we now have precedent in multiple countries who voted against global citizen out of power.

So what now?