PeopleBrwsr – A gift for brand managers

It is not very often that an idea translates into an effective communication solution which blows you over with its simplicity. PeopleBrowsr is one such platform which promises to provide quick access and a unique browsing experience that only an true social media enthusiast can appreciate.

Incidentally, I came across Brian Solis’s post on the browser when I was looking for a solution which would take care of my social media interface needs.

Mr. Solis introduces this application on his blog as follows:
Introducing PeopleBrowsr, an attention-centered dashboard for managing your online relationships and communication in Twitter and across multiple social networks.

At its foundation, PeopleBrowsr is a first of a kind meta-network for social networks that works with Mozilla FireFox 3, Safari 3.1 or Google Chrome – no download or plug-in required. It essentially turns your Web browser into a simple, visual social media dashboard. While there are many third-party tools for Twitter, PeopleBrowsr brings the best features from all of the popular add-on services into one solution – without requiring a download or a browser plug-in.

If you are a heavy social media user or a brand manager / analyst, it is a dream come true.

I will leave the comparisons and analysis with other similar applications to the Techies. As a user and a communications consultant I am more than overwhelmed with this application.

It is still in alpha and I would encourage you to go ahead and take it for a test ride. You will be blown away.

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