Quest for answers – Part III. End game.

Change is the only constant, they say. How much ever I may want to believe in this universal law, the bureaucratic administration ensures that it deviates from the norm and keeps me guessing. So, it seems, they would want to go out of their way to establish their independence outside of the natural course.

The reply to the RTI filed on 14 November is now considered complete, well at least the process is. Last night I received the final piece of official documentation, which should have sufficed my nagging thirst for information.

Even though I was forewarned of the impending disappointment, the new found optimist in me hoped for the better. I was wrong, and how!

The general character of reply is evasive, as you can see below. What is shocking is the assumption that by categorically refusing to answer it would not amount to a follow up. Here, there is not even an attempt to provide explanation why the question cannot be answered. As though, a return visit to clarify the mysterious cryptic message is a given.

The circulars enclosed with the letter do not provide with much information, only that which is already known.

As a citizen, am I supposed to understand the departmental problems and bureaucratic hurdles that do not allow the PIO to do his job? Am I expected to empathize with the registrar, shackled by the system and bogged by the enormity of his task of seeking information from the big bad policy makers? Or should I, as any normal or delusional person, depending on your perspective would, expect a response close to reality?

The most common reaction to this would be the quintessential ‘I told you so’. Yes, you were right, I knew that already and still I went ahead with it. I want to know what next?

Is there a point in pursuing this cause? The people to whom this should matter seem the least interested in knowing what governs their collective academic destiny.


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  • Dated 28th November 2006.

    This has reference to your application for seeking information under the RTI, 2005, dated 14 Nov 2006.

    1) A circular no. UG/380, dated 25th September 2006, is enclosed herewith for your perusal. (Regarding eligibility to admissions, aptly answered)

    2) A circular no. PG/1/2170A, dated June 2005, is enclosed herewith for reference. Regarding plan to increase the number of seats in the MSc biotech course PIO is unable to answer.

    3) Permission for starting any new course is given by Higher and Technical Education Department, Government of Maharashtra. (Not enough information, the general passing the buck observed)

    4) The list of colleges which offers MSc Biotech course at present is attached herewith. (Answered)

    5) To 9) PIO is unable to give information in the matter. ( No further explanation provided as to why this cannot be answered)

    Mumbai University Msc degree course in Biotech, Vidyanagri Campus, Kalina

    List of colleges affiliated to Mumbai University

    1) Birla College, Kalyan

    2) G.N. Khalsa College, Kings Circle.

    3) C.K.Thakur College, New Panvel

    4) Vaze College, Mulund (East)

    5) Institute of sciences, Fort, Churchgate

    6) Jhunjhunwala college, Ghatkopar

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