PG biotech course on hold…why?

Here’s a write-up in today’s Indian Express highlighting every BT graduate’s bane of existence. As students we have often wondered, agonised and eventually submitted to the fact there are just not enough seats for evryone for an academic progression to a PG course. It is time we demand our fair share in the education system. We are a part of a so called booming industry, once we choose this course, but are ignored time and again. Speak up now or wallow in pittance.

Excerpts from the news report:
Indian Express, 22/09/2006, Mumbai Newsline.

Even as a government-appointed committee had given a go-ahead to some of the state colleges’ request for starting MSc course in biotechnology in July the state government is yet to sanction the approval.

Stating that the delay is likely to affect the future of over 90 per cent undergraduate biotech students, SIES College Vice-Principal M R Bhatia said: ‘‘Though there are around 1,000 undergraduate biotech students in Mumbai, there are only about 40 seats for MSc. What will the other 960 students do?’’

Joint Director of Technical Education Department M S Andhale, who had inspected the colleges in July, said: ‘‘I feel they can be given the go-ahead. But I can’t take any policy decision and have submitted my findings, so it’s up to the government now.’’ Minister of State Higher and Technical Education Dilip Walse-Patil said: ‘‘Certain infrastructural issues are under consideration.’’

These unnecessary delays have led some of the colleges to believe that vested interests within the department and government were delaying matters.


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