How India reconciles Hindu values and Biotech
By Pankaj Mishra – NYT

….But the religions and traditions we know as Hinduism are less monolithic and more diverse than Islam and Christianity; they can yield contradictory arguments. Early in “The Mahabharata,” there is a story about how the hundred Kaurava brothers came into being. Their mother had produced a mass of flesh after two years of pregnancy. But then a sage divided the flesh into 100 parts, which were treated with herbs and ghee, and kept in pots for two years – from which the Kaurava brothers emerged.

Indian proponents of stem-cell research often offer this story as an early instance of human cloning through stem cells extracted from human embryos. They do not mention that “The Mahabharata” presents the birth of the hundred Kaurava brothers as an ominous event…

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    A good year again for BioAgri
    With over 81%growth Bioagri is the fastest growing sector
    – Biospectrum

    The sector’s performance has been driven by Bt Cotton. The Bt Cotton seeds business alone has generated Rs 495 crore in revenues registering close to 115 percent growth compared to that the previous year. In fact, Rasi Seeds, the second company in India to make commercially available Bt cotton, became the largest seller of Bt Cotton seeds….

    …Monsanto’s technology is still the dominant Bt technology used in India. Each of the seed companies paid Monsanto Biotech about Rs 1,200 per packet as royalty and on account of this fee, Monsanto Biotech’s revenues stood at Rs 391.25 crore. This figure has not been considered for the industry sizing….

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    The truth about BT (GM) crops in India and Africa
    – GMO pundit

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