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Sept 10 to 17 2006

Why don’t you merge this blog with some other bigger biotech blog. Or even better make this a Colla Blog . This topic has immense potential and can be a rage with the biotech community. Mainly students, it can be a one stop shop for all their BT related needs!
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The idea was to come up with a Biotech Collablog but maybe people are not interested in blogging or collaborating. It is seen as a frivolous activity done by people with a lot of time! I would love to share space on my blog with as many people as I can. That was the spirit with which I started blogging and called it an “initiative”. Everyone is welcome to join the team.

Our education system is so outdated that harappa could be considered advanced. It eventually will be the stake that pierces the heart of the corporate oriented generic satan that presides over our existance.
Biotechnology as a field will be ruined due to lack of initiative and infrastructure. By the time we realise the importance of all round reforms it would be too late . This field cannot survive on its own. After all you cant make dough without water.

Very true, but I didn’t quite get how our ‘outdated’ education will kill the corporate ‘satan’. Are you saying we will produce such a high level of lowly incompetence that it would stifle the corporate structure?

And yes, it does take two to tango.

Nice blog. It is a wonderful idea…..I am a BT student too…your links were very helpful …cuold you include more BT oriented search engines and applications like NCBI etc.
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Glad to be of help. I will definitely try and include more sites like NCBI. Any site you want included in the list mail it to me.


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