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4 Sept – 10 Sept 2006

I am anti-globalisation and anti-corporate so I am opposed to the inherent idea of your blog.
But I admit that your write up is relatively perceptive in content.
The inherent structure of biotech as a profession is to alter and eventually create imbalance in the basic systemic working of nature itself.
By directing resources towards an exaggerated source of so called deliverance, “the industry” and the government is courting obvious failure.


I think that anti-globalisation movement is probably an excellent example of globalisation. The fact that people from the developed countries care about the interests of third world countries with whom they have no direct connect in terms of cultural or civilizational history is inspiring.
I too am a non-conformist but instead of ignoring or outright denouncing a thought we loose an opportunity to understand it better. That is what this blog is about.

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